I’m Leaving My Baby For the First Time

Airport travelMy daughter just turned 6 months old  and with her being our first child, it has been quite the rollercoaster. We’ve been through her being born early, the issues with breastfeeding (hellloooo exclusively pumping), my returning back to work and we are just getting into the groove of having a newborn turned infant. I’m actually proud of how well my husband and I have done with taking care of our daughter. She’s a happy and health babe with a shining personality. I enjoy being around her and I’m cherishing each and every day with her. Tomorrow, however…tomorrow will be different. Tomorrow will be the first time I leave my baby since she’s been born.

I am being so dramatic about it. Some mamas can do this with ease but me? I’m a little sad about it. Then again I was the person who cried the entire day after I dropped my baby off to the sitter. I am one of those control freak mamas who thinks no one can take care of her baby better than she can. That’s me unapologetically. But I made a promise to myself when I considered motherhood. I promised myself that I would never lose myself in motherhood, that I would continue to have goals, dreams and aspirations outside of raising my child. I want motherhood to be the primary role but not the only role in my life. I feel that in order for me to be a truly happy mommy, I have to be…happy. It’s easier said than done for many moms but I’m trying and taking this overnight trip is a step forward to keeping that promise to myself.

Besides, my daughter will be okay. She’ll be in the loving hands of her sitter by day and her daddy by night. She won’t even miss me. I’ll be back before she knows it and unlimited cuddles will resume. I don’t even know why I’m freaking out over this. I can do this. I really can. As I say that, I am just a few clicks away from canceling my trip and just pretending like it was never going to happen. But what kind of role model would I be to my daughter? I want her to know about the sacrifices that I made for her. I need her to know that dreams do not end once motherhood begins. I’m taking this trip for the both of us. The next trip I take, though? I’ll strap her to my hip and take her with me.

I can do this. I can do this. (repeats 5x)

Post By: Brittany


4 responses to “I’m Leaving My Baby For the First Time

  1. She’ll be fine and you’re doing well. I didn’t leave my daughter till she was 2 so you’re doing waaaaay better than I did!

  2. Oh goodness, I felt the same way when my almost TWO year old left with his dad for a few hours. A few as in like only 4 hours! It’s so hard no matter how old our babies are. Have fun on your trip, you and your daughter will be glad you did.

  3. You are not being dramatic. It’s hard to leave our children sometimes. She will miss you and you will miss her. And there is no one that can take better care of our children than us! Enjoy your trip and give her extra snuggles when you get home! -Darcel

  4. Not dramatic at all! I still have a hard leaving my kids and they are nearly 2, 3 and almost 9! Enjoy your trip and know that you’ve left your lil on in wonderful hands but do not beat yourself up for worrying. You are a mom after all ❤

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