Mahogany Motherhood Contributors

I am so excited to announce Mahogany Motherhood Contributors! There are many websites and blogs for women of color, but they appear to be more mainstream. This blog and soon to come magazine will fill the need for women and mothers who lean towards a more natural life/parenting style. Check out our expansive list of topics. Be sure to check out their individual websites and social media profiles.

Introducing our fabulous contributors!

ClumpsOfMascara3 - Hi Res

Brittany is the editor of the popular 6-year old beauty blog Clumps of Mascara and a staunch advocate of the power of social media. Brittany has done extensive work as a social media consultant, planning and executing campaigns for a number of organizations. She has been featured on displays in Target and Walgreens nationwide. She has had features in Essence magazine and works closely with several nationally recognized brands. Brittany lives in Orlando, Florida with her husband and daughter Elle.


Here, in my part of the internet, I blog.  I dye.  I sew  and I sell,  and not necessarily in that order.  I blog about homeschooling, natural parenting and  ways to increase the strength of the family. I also dye, sew and sell bamboo and wool pants for babies  You will often see reviews and giveaways.  You can find me on twitter, facebook,  pinterest  and google+  and bloglovin.


Sol Soto is a Latina stay-at-home mom of three in suburbanite NY. She is interested in feminism/womanism, relationships, parenting, politics, cooking, travel and hoping to live life as a true Renaissance Woman. Feel free to connect on Twitter @oddmamaout.


Nadirah Stokes enjoys sand between her toes, soil under her fingernails, and words beneath her pen. Oh, and parenting; she enjoys that too. Yup, that’s a perfect day.


Reformed party girl turned peaceful parenting mama, who draws inspiration from her third-world culture and past drunken mistakes to raise her Lao-American family in the Seattle area.
Find Theek bogging at The Laotion Commotion.


My name is Unita and I am a Certified Holistic Clinical Nutritionist. My passions are vegan cooking, organic gardening, and all things outdoors. I am the owner of Phoenix Rising Health and Wellness Service in Virginia.


Darcel, founder of Mahogany Motherhood. Mama to three.  Writing about Motherhood, Birth, Breastfeeding, and Unschooling at The Mahogany Way.
You can also connect with me on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Google+.


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